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These are pictures of our babies with their new families. It's so hard to let our babies go but it helps to know that they are with people who love them and take wonderful care of them!

This is Janet with Sidney in Ohio!

This is Joe with Bella in Illinois!

This is Shannon and Xena in Calgary, Canada!

This is Karen with Molly in California!

This is Barb and Sienna with Bluebell and Snowflake, and their babysittee Xena in Canada!

This is Vanessa with Kiko and Montezuma in Illinois!

This is Mary with Libby in Minnesota!

This is Sharon with Shiloh in New Jersey!

This is Mary with Bruiser in South Carolina!

This is Leyla with Nynah in Florida!

This is Pete with Tallulah Petit Bon Magnifique in Georgia!

This is Sarah with Blue in Maryland!

This is Lois and Rush with Gypsy Girl in Tennesse!

This is James with Duke in Arizona!

This is Erica and Jace with Peaches in South Carolina!

This is Stephanie with Nova in Florida!